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Managing Your emotion In a Though Time

  Love and relationship has a lot to do with emotion. If you have healthy emotion there is tendency of you having a good and enviable relationship. The year 2020 has been a rough/ tough year for so many people, a lot of persons lost their love ones to covid19 pandemic, some to flood and gas explosion, many are homeless, hunger and unemployment is the order of the day in most countries. Therefore the society is tensed, filled with people who are hurt in one way or the other. It has so much imparted many that some are unaware of the environment they are. The level of violence in the society is increasing everyday.  June 23, 2020 a man allegedly killed his wife and himself at Lekki Lagos, Nigeria. You can Google to see details.  Below is Chris watt who killed his pregnant wife and two daughters. You can Google for details Why did I take time to show us the images above? Because the picture has a lot to reveal to us about emotion. If you view the images you will find out that these people
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How To Build a Healthy Relationship With your Partner

  Before we go about talking on how to build healthy relationship, we must first understand that there is no perfect relationship out there. As such relationship is usually filled with ups and downs which tends to affect the health of any relationships. However for any relationship to be unique and enviable by others it requires the hard work of both parties. If you are having issue with your relationship it is not time to park out, or if you are new in your relationship it is not time to sit and begin to enjoy the love it is time to sit up and work on it. Note:  There is no relationship that can not succeed if the both partner agrees to build it and make it a healthy and lasting one. KEYS TO BUILDING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP There are serries of keys to building lasting relationship but we are going to talk on few important ones: Don't take out your problem on your partner As I have earlier mentioned that relationship is filled with ups and downs, which can be stress, loss of job, hea

How To Come Out Of Broken Relationship

 Just like others I also went through failed relationship. I must confess it isn't easy to come out from nor is it as simple as people will always advise it to be. You know that moment you felt you are loved, in fact engrossed in love, building a future you thought exists suddenly you found out you were chasing nothing when your thought partner suddenly tells you it's over. I tell you that moment can be hurtful, if one is not careful you can fall in to depression The most painful part of it is when you have anything such as plans/ investment together, this can totally destroy your confidence and self-esteem. Because your thinking and confidence were  centered on that person. How to start all over will become a problem. Am glad to remind you that there is usually a light after tunnel. Let me take you through my story a bit, I had a relationship that failed, we both have plans/ investment together which all was in his name, it sounds foolish right? That is what we do when we thin

How To Know You Are Depressed

 Latelya, I discovered lot of people are passing through depression in one way or the other. The pathetic part of it is that you won't even know you are depressed.  Depression is a mood disorder that can affect a person's daily life. It can be described as feelings of sadness, loss and anger. From the above definition it is quite difficult to really understand one is passing through depression, because we must have daily event that will spring up sadness, anger and loss. Does that mean when I begin to observe this in life that am depressed? Certainly not! You will agree with me that most pains we have undergone create different impact in our life. Some takes longer time to go, why some go without our notice and some are just like something that have come to stay. For example the pains of losing our loved ones, relationship and marriage tends to linger. When this pains lingers it create a vacuum in the system which yearns to be fed. Since it can not be fed au

The Reasons I Need To Submit To A Man Who doesn't Know His Responsibility

  Submissiveness is surrendering your will and power to another, because of the position he or she is occupying in your life. If a man is someone that provide to every need in the home, including love and affection, why woman is to raise and Carter for the children needs as the world believe. But reverse is the case in most home/ marriages. Some men can't provide for their family needs, why some does but it must be equally done by both partners. With this I begin to receive a lot of questions from people most especially women, that is there any need to submit to a man that can't even afford to pay the least bill in the home. How can I be the one providing and still be the one to give out my will and power to someone who is more or less a liability? Some say he works I work, we both contribute equally to our family needs, therefore I don't see him as my head rather we are mate. So if he needs submission he should submit first. My question usually is have you ever asked why b

Why Stay In That Relationship?

  Oftentimes I have come across young men and women talking about how they are feeling in their present relationship. Then I begin to wonder if all these are your experience in a particular relationship why then are you still there? Then I begin to hear so many response like I love him, she is the most beautiful I have ever met, he or she meets my needs so if I leave him/ her now I don't think I will have another who can replace. Some tells me when I was growing up I promised myself to marry from prominent family etc. Then if these your reasons are worth your staying then why complaining? However I have come to discover that many people are staying in a relationship  they are not happy about which they don't have tangible reasons for doing so. If you say you are in a relationship because you love the person why complaining? You must understand that love and feelings are fickle they tend to grow when one feels happy and satisfied. However there is no way you can be happy at all

Benefits of being Single and whole

A lot of persons does not understand the meaning of wholeness. Due to this fact many has worked and traded on the wrong path. However, before letting you know the importance of being single and whole, I will define the meaning of wholeness. Wholeness is the state of being free and not bound to anything contrary. Being single and whole therefore means you are not engaged and not in any relationship. Unfortunately many are engaged and also in relationship with other men. Though it has become a common practice but that doesn't justify the fact that is wrong and detrimental to the party involved. Subsequently the benefit of being single and whole can not be over emphasized. Below are some benefit of being single and whole. Focus Being single and whole helps you to be focus as to knowing who you are, your worth and who supposed and who not supposed to be in your life. Many girls are guilty of wholeness, as such they are in state of confusion. Not knowing who to please and who not